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President Obama and Congress want to know who's to blame....

It's entertaining to watch them play their game.

Obama blames Bush, Bush blames Clinton, Congress blames AIG, etc....

They want to know who to blame?
I suggest they look in a damn mirror.

Washington is "business as usual", which is why I keep saying if people want real change, they need to clean the place out. Until then, it's just more crap on top of crap.

People blame Obama, he's not "saving us" or "Changing us" fast enough.
blame Bush for all the crap, all the problems, because he was such a buffoon.

Bull shit. Pure bull shit.

Lets put the blame, at least for the screwed up bailouts that are putting this country over 11 TRILLION Dollars in the whole where it belongs. The majority of the screw ups are caused by the 100 traitors in the Senate, and the 500+ traitors in the House, and the countless lobbyists, and other scum suckers that infest our government. You know, the ones who -had- to pass emergency bailouts for rum distillers and arrow fletchers last November, the bailout we -needed-, that went from 10 pages to over 400 pages, to "protect our investment", yet managed to forget little things like accountability for all that free money of ours they were giving out.

You would think the American People would be outraged.

Yet, most of those traitors kept their jobs.

-3- of those traitors got promotions.

Remember, Senator Obama, Senator Clinton and Senator Biden all said that these flawed bailouts were "urgent" and "vital" and "well prepared". Remember Senator McCain also was all gung ho for them.

But none of them had time to really read it before they voted it into law and sold us out.

The system is still broken, and whoever wears the title "President" gets all the blame for what the rest of those screaming sorry sons of bitches screw up.

and "We The People" continue to devolve into sleeping sheep.

But, lets keep blaming Bush, or blaming Obama. It's easier after all than actually fixing the problem.

Like firing ever last one of these sell outs.

Something ELSE the Obama Apologists will ignore

Something ELSE the Obama Apologists will ignore
Originally Posted by CuongNhuka View Post
He's a Libertarian. They tend to make claims like that.
Originally Posted by Sukerkin View Post
Hmmm. "Claims" is it?

Over here in England we tend to call that "Telling the truth".

I suppose it's just another example of how we are two cultures seperated by a common language .
Originally Posted by CuongNhuka View Post
It's a claim because it doesn't agree with his world view. I'm just pre-empting the reply.
Actually, you're both right.

I consider myself a Libertarian.
I consider the United States to be the best country going.
I also recognize that like any other imperial nation, and the US is one, it got there on the backs of second class citizens.

Rome rose because of it's slaves, and serfs.
England rose because of it's serfs.
America rose because of slavery, and the willingness of those we consider second class citizens, to toil long hours in crap conditions.

It wasn't rich white men in fancy suits who picked all that cotton, dug ditches and blew holes in mountains to lay train tracks, or who pick lettuce for our salads.

Rome fell, because their serfs and those Rome pissed off came calling.

England's Empire is a shallow shell of itself, it's colonies and territories released.

America's fate, is still to be decided.

My friends in other countries will argue on who is best, no problem. It's good to be proud of your country.

Here's the rub.
My president shouldn't bow down to anyone. He shouldn't kneel, bow, kotow, or otherwise show submission to -any- other national leader. The US may be the "New" kid, historically speaking, but we're the only remaining intact superpower. Remember, it was American aid that kept the USSR and Britain from being a German conquest, that returned France to it's people, that has helped Israel stand against a region intent on it's destruction, that has aided disaster victims around the world over and over again.

We've had some clueless leaders. Our current one could be one of them. But, he made some comments recently that make sense.

We can keep arguing who's the better country, or we can work together, beat these crisis's, and all become stronger, together. A strong Europe IS a strong America, and vice versa.

Someone needs to tell BO to stop acting like a freshman, and be the class leader. Also, that dvd's and an Ipod aren't exactly "great gifts". Next he'll be giving an IPhone to the Japanese PM. Time to dig out the good gifts, like something really American.

Next time BO, give the Queen an autographed football from the Superbowl champs, and the King of Saudi Arabia some good ol fashioned New Orleans Gumbo!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Why what you the voter want doesn't really matter.

See here for background
Seven upstate Democrats reject all 9 state budget bills

Some key bits:

What’s going on? Why would so many Democrats buck their leadership on such a crucial matter?

One answer is because Democrats control the Assembly with a highly secure 109-41 margin, leaving plenty of wiggle room to let some members avoid making a politically uncomfortable vote without affecting the overall outcome of a bill the leadership wants passed.

Yes, they can say no, while being assured they, and not we the voters get what we want.

But why? Don't our elected officials work for us?


For those senators, it’s not an easy choice: risk alienating an unknown number of voters back home or a known number of Democratic leaders in Albany with the power to end political careers. But all the Senate Democrats are sticking together to approve the budget.

Yup. Better to piss off us voters, who will forget about this mess in a few months because we have a short attention span, and are too stupid to actually look things up, remember, and look at third party candidates, for most career politician's to worry about.

Wake up NY, and America. Before it's really too late to retake your government.

More taxes on cancer sticks? Oh Noes!

Re: That didn't take long - Obama enacts first tax

It's been confusing the US government too, since Lincoln was in charge.
It's not the place of the Fed to feed you, educate you, provide your drugs, your retirement funding, your health care, and hundred of other things, yet suggest they stop and people *****. Stop bitching or stop wanting the Fed to coddle and take care of you.

It's not the Fed's job to ail out your bank, your stock broker, your favorite car maker, etc. Since last July the Fed has put us 11 -TRILLION- in the hole with all these botched bailouts, and they want more still.

Moneys going to come from somewhere. It's an Obamination. I saw it said in another thread about a Depression. Not yet. Soon. Soon as we fire up the Soup Kitchens and start lining up for bread again.

25cents a pack, so we can have health care for poor kids.

Never mind that only 5% will go to the kids, and the other 95% to a bloated maze of gov. inefficency to "manage' it, just like Medicaid and Medicare and any other gov. program. But, when we need to hire a 10th clerk for each applicant, we can add another 25c per pack on to cover it. Oh, and 5c per gal for gas too, just because.

Here's a thought. Smokers. Take a month off. I know, you can't do it you'll die, but do it anyway. According to the World Health Organization in 2000 35% of US men, 22% of US women smoked. Lets use the lower # here. 22%. 300 Million US population 2008 est). 66,000,000 smokers. The average smoker will smoke a pack a day, 20 cigarettes. For the sake of argument, we'll halve that. 15 packs a month.
66 million smokers x 15 packs a month = 990 million packs of smokes a month.
990 million packs x $1 pack Fed tax is $990Mil removed from the Federal budget
Pocket change to the Fed, but it'll be noticed.

Think about it.

Oh, assuming it is a pack a day, that bumps it up to at least a Billion and a half pulled from the Fed Trough. That will be felt.

State governments, which tack on the majority of the sin taxes will feel it even more ad 5+ billion if pulled from them.

Of course, such a tactic might also put a few tobacco companies under as well. So it's a dangerous tactic, especially if more than 15% of smokers fail to return to addiction after a month clean.

(From MartialTalk)

The greatness of America:

The greatness of America:

Americans built railroads from sea to shining sea!

On the labors of Blacks, Chinese, Irish and the odd Indian.

America built a great industrialized nation!
Using child labor, animal parts, and whatever Irish immigrants we had around.

America Saved Europe in WWI!
After coming in kicking and screaming and waiting until the very end, and doing little more than providing enough fresh troops to the grist mill to turn the tide.

America Did it Again in WWII!!!

Again, being forced into the fray, then ignoring that front while selling tons of gear to everyone.

America put a Man on the Moon!!!
After being beaten into space by guys launching dogs and landing on rock, not water.

America is the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, For Liberty, and Justice, For All!
Unless you're gay or lesbian. Women only qualify for 3/4 of that, Justice depends on your bank balance, and liberty depends on which state you're in.

Reality depends on your position at a given moment.

Iowa high court strikes down same-sex marriage ban

Several sites are reporting that Iowa has legalized same-sex marriage.


Still waiting to hear from California's SC on the Prop-8 mess.

Iowa Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

State Supreme Court says same-sex marriage ban violates the rights of gays and lesbians.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Obama Bash-a-mania is running Wild!

Hey, did you hear? President Obama told a cripple joke on tv. How Dare He!!!!!
Oh, did you hear? He Bowed, he actually bowed, averted his eyes and everything while meeting the King of Saudi Arabia. Conclusive proof he's a muslim!!!!!
Did you see? Mrs. Obama hugged the Queen of England!!!! SCANDAL!!!!!!!

And so on.

What next? Headline news about the spinach stuck in his teeth? One of his kids farts in public? He had some dog hair on his suit while meeting the PM of BM?

Give me a break.

Never mind the dumb asses running around screaming about "Where's the Change!!!!!". Bush hasn't even finished unpacking in Texas yet, and everyone is screaming that his successor hasn't waved his hands and undone 16 years of government screwups.

Never mind they keep failing to remember Obama isn't our fracking King, that there are 100 other screwups in Congress and over 500 screwups in the House, adding to the current mess.


I don't like Obama any more than anyone else who voted against him, and I certainly would have prefered someone else at the top, preferably Bob Barr or Ralph Nader, but really.

It's not fair to blame him for all this mess. He inherited a developing mess, he wasn't involved in much of it's creation, and the parts he as a Senator was involved in, well, he had help.

Put the blame where it belongs.

Blagojevich indicted on 16 federal felony charges

Blagojevich indicted on 16 federal felony charges

  • Story Highlights
  • NEW: Blagojevich declines comment, says "I'm enjoying Disney World with my kids"
  • Blagojevich faces up to 20 years in prison for each of 15 most serious charges
  • Officials going after his home, saying he bought it with illegally-earned money
  • Charges against him include wire fraud, making false statements

Ok, so the guys been impeached, fired, and now months later they are bringing charges. Ok. Whatever. Seems like you or me, we'd be sitting in some lockup until they figure it out, not out enjoying Disney World.

Guess there's a difference when you're Elite.

How to solve NY's budget crisis


2009-10 executive budget

In 2009, New York faced a budget deficit of $15 billion, and state debt approached $55 billion.[101] During his state of the state address, Governor Paterson outlined many issues critical to closing the budget caps, and restoring New York's economic strength and quality of life.[102] He recommended adapting the Suozzi commission recommendations on a property tax cap and circuit breaker, and even joked that he should switch parties as the proposal has remained more popular amongst Republicans than his own party.[103]
To address the State's budget gap, the Governor recommended a Deficit Reduction Assessment for the 2009-10 School Year, which will result in a decrease of $1.1 billion in total State School Aid.[104] He also outlined several new taxes and fees he supported. The 137 tax and fee increases contained in Governor Paterson's 2009-10 Budget would cost the average NY family an extra $3,875.48 annually.[105]

Lets cut Paterson back to $40k. That'll save $139k right there.

Executive Chamber Payroll $16,712,660
# members 196
Savings $8,872,660

Total Pay NY Legistlature $165,811,510
# persons 3,845
# earning > $40k 1,743
Savings $96,091,510 (If you cap NY Leg. pay at $40k per)

In addition, do the following:
- Fire all do-nothing patronage jobs.
- Require all new hires to be justified.
- Remove all perks of office. Let them pay for their own hair cuts, car insurance, etc. Just like we do.
- Push through social service reforms.
- No more 3rd generation welfare!
- Restrict food stamps to food. No more buying lotto with -our- money.

Time our elected officials are reminded It's "public service" not "public wealth building".
Time our welfare mommies learn that welfare is to get you back on your feet, not allow you to stay off them and pump out income boosts every year.

90% of all guns used in Mexican crimes...

From MartialTalk:

90% of all guns used in Mexican crimes... NOT come from the USA. At least they don't, if the data aren't fudged.

Of course, some individuals are always happy to fudge things:

90 percent of the weapons used to commit crimes in Mexico come from the United States.

-- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it to reporters on a flight to Mexico City.

-- CBS newsman Bob Schieffer referred to it while interviewing President Obama.

-- California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said at a Senate hearing: "It is unacceptable to have 90 percent of the guns that are picked up in Mexico and used to shoot judges, police officers and mayors ... come from the United States."
The number is actually closer to 17 percent, not 90 percent. The only way it comes out to 90 percent is if you limit the search to traceable guns. Of course, most of the weapons seized aren't traceable.

What's not surprising, though, is that the usual anti-gunners are trying to accuse US dealers of supplying arms to Mexican criminals, strutting forth all sorts of fully automatic weapons.

The problem? Simple. Such full auto weapons do NOT come from FFL holders in the US. Most of them came from Chinese smugglers, illegal dealers from Guatemala, etc.

It simply amounts to more rubbish from the anti-gun folks.

You know what? I couldn't agree more. But then again, since when does a politician allow things like facts, reality or public desire get in their way of passing a law and furthering their own agendas? Really?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So you say there's going to be a revolution?

If I can fit it in between the commercial break and my bathroom run, I'll join the revolution. Otherwise, let me know how that goes. The American People don't want the America that Jefferson oversaw. They've become too conditioned to letting the "smart men" in Washington think for them, and such.

People are marching around, demanding jobs. Sorry, no one owes you a job. Rather than walk around and demand something you don't deserve, go grow a pair and start a business and make your own job. That's what a Real American would do.

This country was built on something we no longer have, a fierce independent nature, a desire to march to your own drum, the need to explore, to expand, to grow beyond. Now, we grow fat and our kids fatter, watching tv and playing Sega, while waiting to hear the next order of our masters. We awake to an electric rooster, eat lunch when told we're hungry, and squander our minds on drugs and booze and partying. Working a full day to us is 8 hrs. Rome built a bridge over the Rhine in a week, by working round the clock. Today, it's a 2 year project mired in meetings and planning and waste.

We created the mess, we expect government to coddle us, to provide for us, to think for us. We deserve it, because we no longer deserve what our fore fathers fought and died to give us. We forgot the lessons they left us. Only when we relearn them, and pay the price they did, will "We The People" again mean something.

Oops, commercial breaks up. Lemme know how that revolution goes guys.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Myth that Gun Control is Good By Bob Hubbard

The Myth that Gun Control is Good By Bob Hubbard
The Myth that Gun Control is Good
By Bob Hubbard

You've seen it on the news. Another celebrity wants to ban guns, because they are evil. You don't hear that their body guard is carrying however.

The anti-gun crowd loudly proclaims that only by making guns illegal, can we be safe.

Ask them why cities with gun bans have the highest crime rates however, and they fall silent.

Ask them why cities with easy gun laws have the lowest crime rates, and they change the subject.

Now, before we begin this examination of the issue, let me state for the record I am anti-gun. If it were possible to eliminate every gun on the planet, I'd be quite happy to see them go. But that genie is out of the bottle, and will never go back in. Guns are here and they are here to stay. With that said, lets look at some gun myths.

Myth 1 - More restrictive laws will result in less guns in the hands of criminals.


Any politician who pushes this idea is either an idiot or an incompetent, or both. Criminals don't care about the law, that's why they are criminals. All restrictive laws do is keep guns out of law abiding citizens hands.

Myth 2 - Hard gun laws make cities safer.


Hard gun laws ensure that law abiding citizens are defenseless. As #1 established, criminals don't care. Cities such as Washington and Chicago that have gun bans have some of the highest homicide rates in the US. By comparison, the state of Vermont who has the most lax gun laws in the nation, also ranks last on federal crime statistics. If easy access to guns results in high crime, how can you explain this?

The bottom line here is, heavy gun laws result in a less safe society, as the only people who have guns there are police and criminals.

Myth 3 - Gun Ownership is not really guaranteed.


In the early days of out nation, our founding fathers wrote specific guidelines to allow citizens ownership of guns through the Second Amendment.

Amendment 2 - Right to Bear Arms. Ratified 12/15/1791.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Some choose to interpret this to mean it's about the militias, but that's not the case. If it were, there wouldn't be a specific section for the militias in Article 1, Section 8.

Some say it's about the state, but if that were true, the founders would have said "state" not "people". They were precise in their wording of this document. An earlier draft by Madison said "The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed; A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State."

There is of course the question of "A well regulated Militia". Regulated by whom? Again, the intent wasn't government law, but the idea of regular training and practice, which was writen about in Federalist #29 by Hamilton.

Myth 4 - Guns in schools makes them less safe.


Take the Columbine Colorado tragedy as an example. Two armed gunmen were able to move around the school freely, without worry of reprisal, inflicting massive casualties, due to being the only ones armed there.

Contrast that with the Appalachia College of Law school shooting, where the gunman was subdued after 2 armed students confronted him.

If the teachers at Columbine had been armed, it's possible that the body count might have been much lower.

Myth 5 - Gun Control Advocates are practice what they preach.
  • Rosie O'Donnell, who supports the Million Mom March reportedly keeps armed body guards on staff to protect her family.
  • Diane Feinstein, one of the biggest opponents of gun ownership in Congress, has an unrestricted concealed weapons permit.
  • Senators Chuck Schumer another Congressional opponent of gun ownership also has a concealed carry permit. In fact, Senator Schumer possesses an "unrestricted" pistol permit, a rarity in New York City.
  • Carl Rowan, who often wrote about the ills of firearms ownership shot and wounded a teenager who trespassed on his property. That's when the news came out that Carl Rowan, a fierce gun-control advocate, actually possessed a license to own firearms.
Dig deep enough into the backgrounds of the gun control group and you'll find many more who don't measure up to the limits they would impose on others. Why if they are so opposed to this, would they arm themselves? Is it for their own safety, or is it that they want to be the ones with the guns?

Myth 6 - Gun Laws are for your protection.


It's proven that gun laws only apply to law abiding citizens. Criminals will obtain guns and use them regardless of how many laws there are, and there are quite a few on the books, hundreds in fact. Cities and states with heavy regulation have the highest crime rates in the nation. This simple fact is ignored repeatedly by law makers.

Gun laws exist for one reason. To restrict gun access for law abiding citizens.

Remember, the British Army was on it's way to confiscate the colonists weapons when they were fired upon. A disarmed population is easier to control. The Founding Fathers knew this, which is why they wrote protections into the law allowing civilian gun ownership. This was done specifically to allow the citizens a means of defense against both criminal and oppressive government. In a city where the law is restrictive, criminals know you're probably unarmed. Easy prey. Where you are allowed, and sometimes even required to arm yourself, crime is low because the prey isn't so easy.

A read of this might seem to indicate that I support repealing all gun regulations. I don't. I believe that some laws are in fact necessary. Criminals shouldn't be allowed to have them, their misuse should be punished, etc. Responsible and Educated gun ownership, not repressive and restrictive laws is the answer in my opinion.

  • Michael Badnarik - Good to be the King - Cptr 16 pg105-109
  • Thomas E. Woods Jr. PHD. - The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History - Cptr 3, Pg22-24

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