Thursday, March 18, 2010

Selected Headlines on current and recent events.

Dem Health Plan Proposal has some Issues....

Dem Health Plan Proposal has some Issues....

Lets see, some problems....

# Riddled with Taxes: This legislation is riddled with tax hikes. They start by taxing those earning over $10,831 year who don’t buy health insurance $750—a tax that escalates to $3,800 as income rises. Health insurance, health care devices and drugs are also taxed, adding to the cost of health care, and decreasing the competitiveness of these businesses.

# Medicare Cuts: The bill cuts $500 billion in Medicare spending, including over $130 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage and nearly $120 billion in Medicare cuts for hospitals that care for seniors. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says they “expected the Medicare Advantage plans to lose 2.7 million enrollees over the next decade” as a result.... See More

# Raises Insurance Prices: CBO also finds “premiums in the new insurance exchanges would tend to be higher than the average premiums in the current-law individual market…”

# Force, Not Choice: This legislation includes an “individual mandate” forcing all Americans to purchase health insurance, like the Massachusetts law. Taxpayer subsidies will be given to those earning up to three times the federal poverty level. Those not qualifying for subsides will be taxed up to $3,800 if they do not buy insurance, and the Joint Tax Committee has confirmed failure to pay your fine could result in jail time. The experience in Massachusetts has left those caught in between unable to afford insurance and having to pay the tax.

# Big Insurance Boondoggle: Forcing all the uninsured into insurance could bring as much as $200 billion a year in new premiums to insurance companies, including $465 billion in subsidies over 10 years.

# Privacy Violation: This legislation would allow law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and the Department of Justice unprecedented unfettered access to medical records.

Could a Liberal who supports this Bill please refute these talking points?

If this goes through:
- Your taxes WILL go up.
- Your insurance premiums WILL go up.
- The Deficit WILL go up.
- Small Businesses WILL close.

With more people impoverished, more people unemployed, and more people dependent on the Government for their is this an improvement? 
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

US Vs Toyota

US Vs Toyota

For years, Japanese auto giant Toyota enjoyed a reputation as a builder of reliable vehicles. The public view of Toyota's cars were that they were more reliable, and more fuel efficient than American-Owned auto makers GM and Ford.

Now Toyota finds themselves under attack in the US over safety issues.

Things do not look good.

Former Toyota Lawyer Turns Whistleblower
Attorney claims automaker hid safety concerns from public
But, is it really public safety concerns driving this hunt, or is it something else?

Conflicts of interest between the government owned and unionized GM and the senators and representatives they own remain hanging as Congress investigates foriegn owned and non-union Toyota.

GM Using Taxpayer Money to Prey on Toyota ?
Chairman of Toyota National Dealer Council thinks competitor is out of line

What is known is this.
* There are legitimate questions concerning Toyota not handing over all information requested of it.
* They have issued a huge recall and are looking for fixes.
* The number of actual injury and deaths attributed to these issues (54) is low, and far less than the number of deaths per day in auto accidents. (100 people on average die each day in the US in car accidents)

Toyota's still seem to be safe vehicles, at least, if you believe the folks at Edmunds.

If you own a Toyota, what should you do? Check with your local dealership for information on recalls for your model, and get the work done as soon as possible. In fact, all car owners should do this as every brand has issues and recalls. People are going on about an 8.5 million vehicle recall here, but GM and Ford both have about the same amount of cars under recall for various issues. So be informed and get your transport fixed. 
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Monday, March 15, 2010

What I believe

What I believe

A statement of facts on positions taken.

Through out years of debate comments have been made that misstate, misinterpret or misunderstand my views and positions. This is an attempt to set the record straight. Do not expect to find solutions to stated issues as this is not a solution statement, but a belief statement.

Taxes are a fee accessed by a government on various activities. Without taxes government is incapable of functioning. Tariffs are a form of tax. My view is that business oriented taxes such as taxes on sales of items, as well as importation fees are acceptable as part of the responsibility of members of a higher society. These are optional "dues" if you will and I can opt out by not purchasing those items. I object to taxes on property and income and associate them to theft at gun point for if you refuse to hand them over you suffer. I am non-committed on such things as school taxes. While I recognize the need to fund education, it seems unfair that people without children are forced to pay, however that is balanced by the idea that they may have benefited from the same public education so I can see it as your parents paid some for you and you pay some for you and yours. Registration and Licensing fees are simply an income stream for government and I'm against those. While I am against certain things, unlike some I pay my fair share regardless. I do it because it is the law, but I do so under objection.

I believe it is the duty of every citizen to educate themselves on the issues and make an informed decision at the voting booth. I believe that if you didn't vote, you don't have the right to complain as you chose to accept whatever result by your inaction. I believe that the duty of the citizen is to elect educated individuals who will do what is right for the people, and be open to listening to the people. I believe it is wrong to vote on party lines, or for the lesser of evils, but that you should vote for the candidate who represents you best. Not the one most likely to win. I believe voting should be mandatory, even if all the person does is show up and check the "refused" box.

Role of Federal Government.
I believe in a strict interpretation of the US Constitution, similar to that of President Jefferson's. I believe the Federal government should not be involved in the day to day lives of the people, that it should be greatly downsized back into part time status. I believe that it should do little more than guard the borders and deliver the mail.

Role of Local Government.
I believe the State to be the dominant government level, with a strict belief in States Rights as put forth through the US Constitution. The good of the State, not the Nation is key. Social services if any should work from this level, not the Federal.

Social Services.
I do not believe in them. Given the 60%+ fraud rate I believe the existing systems should be scrapped and a new one that actively fights fraud instituted. Too much money is wasted on overhead and corruption resulting in those most in need not receiving what they could. This is wrong. I do not believe in welfare, but workfare. A system where unemployed are put to work in exchange for a warm bed and square meals and some cash is better than handing someone a debit card of other people money. I have refused to accept government money for gas, electric or food despite at times qualifying for it. I accepted a state issued voluntary health insurance plan as I am a tax payer and it helped. If it was not available, I would have funded my care out of pocket as needed through shopping around for the best affordable care as I did before.

Health Reform.
The current system does little but drive prices up, while diluting quality of service. A new system that resolves the problem of high prices, high cost to taxpayers and increasing need for services in a fiscally responsible and humane manner needs to be created. I believe this is possible. I believe we can provide the best quality health care to the poor and lower income levels without putting people out of work, creating shortages or bankrupting the nation. I believe it is crucial that people realize that, that Congress consider it, and that to do neither is criminal.

Direction of country
I do not believe the nation is heading in the right direction, but is instead as a ship locked on course for the rocks. The government has become deaf, and refuses to listen to the people. Instead they pass unreadable and often unread bills in the tens of thousands of pages, robbing from the people to fund feel good projects that only shore p future campaign contributions for themselves. I do not believe the United States should be involved in waging foreign wars, aiding other nations especially the ones who hate us, or acting as World Policeman. I believe it's time to come home, bring our troops back, and fortify our own borders against the enemy. I believe rather than building new homes in Iraq that we should be building those homes here, for our people.

Gay Marriage / Marriage
I believe than any 2 adults who are of sound mind who wish to commit, should be allowed to. I believe that short of a Constitutional amendment however the Federal government should stay out of the marriage defining business. States can make their own laws, however they need to recognize their obligations under the US Constitution and I believe the USSC needs to remind them of that fact. I believe that any group of like minded adults who wish to enter a partnership should be allowed to do so, with rights and responsibilities. I don't believe the Federal government should decide that matter however.

Police Misbehavior
I believe that the majority of cops are honest, hard working individuals who do an often thankless job and see the worst of people too often. Those who violate their oaths and disgrace their uniforms should be prosecuted and punished under the law without exception.

The Concept and Institute of "Slavery"
I am opposed to the concept of slavery. I believe to hold people in bondage is wrong. I also believe however that some people are incapable of handling freedom and are better kept as slaves. Most enter this state willingly and become slaves to addictions, or give control over to others freely. I pity them and believe that only by education and love can they eventually be freed. Regarding the system as practiced in the United States prior to it's end under President Johnson in December 1865 I find that system abhorrent and deserving of end. I believe however that such an end could have come peacefully without the illusion of a war fought over it.

US Civil War
I believe that war was illegal, that under the law and the Constitution that States can exit the Union as they entered it, in peace, by vote. That the difference between a rebellion and a secession is that a rebellion seeks to over throw the government, while the succeeding states wanted to be left along and NOT change the Federal government by force of arms. I believe that those who state the war was a forgone conclusion from the start are correct. I believe that the popular myth of the war being fought over slavery to be a discredit to history and fact, and that the lead up and reasons are much more complicated than those presented in popular official history. I believe that as more facts emerge that the views will change.

American Dream
I believe in this. That through hard work, good character and providing value in service that one can get ahead and win the game. I believe that one can work for themselves and get ahead. I believe that there is plenty of wealth available, that we live in a world of abundance, that it is ours for the asking, if we simply do what we have to do to obtain it. I believe you can have everything you ask for in life, if you just help enough other people get there too. I do not believe there is a vast conspiracy to keep me poor, that the deck is stacked against me, that I cannot win.

I believe one must accept the responsibility for their actions and non actions. I do not believe I am responsible for anyone else, unless I accept that responsibility (ie kids, pets, marriage, be an employer) You made the decisions that brought you to where ever it is you are. You should accept that fact, then make more decisions to change that place if it's not acceptable to you. Life is a journey through the unknown, you picked and planned the route, even if that plan was to wander aimlessly around. Accept responsibility for that, and change your plan if you do not like where it got you.

Respect is earned, not freely given. All beings deserve the opportunity for basic respect, however not all beings keep it. I will hold a door open, but do not make me wait forever while you gab. Respect at it's basics is courtesy. Respect is not free handouts, free food and free housing.

Winning the Game
I believe that people rise or sink on their efforts, merits and self images. That one strong in all three will rise farther than one lacking all three. I do not believe that one lacking ambition, drive, determination and dedication should be given a hand out or a boost above those who have them. I believe that those who do have them, deserve to keep what they earn and do with the fruits of their labors as they see fit. I do not believe that if I grow 2 apples and you have none that I should be forced to give you any apples.

Differences of Opinion/Fact
I respect others difference of opinion or fact in controversial matters. Everyone has the right to disagree with me. I have more respect for those who can validate their positions with fact. I am open to changing my positions and views based on new facts and information. My position is rarely solidly fixed, but will evolve over time based on the input and advice of others and the influx of new data from reputable sources.

This has been a statement of belief. An absence of citation, lack of solution or even a proposed solution does not negate nor validate any comment. If you wish to change my mind on these matters you must first open yours to change as well. I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date, and I warn that this list while a list is far from a complete one, that any omission should not indicate I do not have a belief in a particular matter, nor should it indicate I do.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Virginia passes bill banning mandated health care.

Virginia passes bill banning mandated health care.

March 13, 2010
State Stands Up Against Obama-Care

Virginia OKs first bill banning mandated health care

Nice to see Virginia finding a pair again.
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