Saturday, April 10, 2010

99 Weeks Later, and my Beni's Ran Out. Woe is Me!

99 Weeks Later, and my Beni's Ran Out. Woe is Me!

Jobless army grows as aid ends
Facebook holds stories of unemployed WNYers crying out for help

They call themselves the 99ers and with each new week their numbers grow by the thousands.

There are so many of them — nearly 3,000 in Western New York alone — they have their own statewide Facebook page.

"Nobody is hiring, and I can't afford to lose my place to live," said Mike Papay, one of the hundreds of jobless who have told their story on Facebook. "I've already had my vehicles taken. This is crazy! Somebody please help!"
Funny, I see lots of help wanted signs out. Maybe these 99 weekers should stop holding out for that CEO job and go stock shelves at the market, flip burgers at Mickie Dees or cut some grass already. It's work, it's money, and you ain't too good to do it dumbass.

Lets "create" a job for the "there's no jobs out there" folks.

1 Get off ass, knock on doors. Ask old person "Is it worth $10 a week for me to come by and put your garbage can at the curb for you, then come back the next day and put it away?"

Each YES = $520 per year. 10 = $5,200. 25 = $13,000

2. Get off ass again, knock on doors. Ask person "Is it worth $20 a month for me to stop by and wash your car, $35 a month for a wash, wax and detail?"

Each YES = $240-$420 10=$2,400-$4,200 25 = $6,000-$10,500

3. Get off ass yet again. (See a trend here?) Go door to door, ask "Is it worth $20 a week for me to come by and cut your grass with my mulching mower, and sweep up the sidewalk after I'm done?"

Each YES = $1,040. 10=$10,400 25=$26,000

Wow. just shy of a $50,000 income, and it's all cash. Yeah, theres some expense involved. Gas for the mower, bottle of car wash solution, a bucket, a sponge and a shammy, but still. $50 down, $6-10 a week in expense, and you've made $30k-50k cash.

Can you find 25-100 people to do this for in 2 fracking years?

If the answer is no, then you are not looking hard enough.

Thomas Woods - 33 Questions on American History

Monday, April 5, 2010

Real Change you can Believe In.

Real Change you can Believe In.

True Political Reform - Hold the RNC and DNC to the same law 3rd parties are held to. Allow 3rd parties into the debates to show real choice. Term limits. Force Congress to read ALL bills before voting. Limit bills to 1 item, no riders.

True Health Reform - Require hospitals to reimburse 10x the overage on incorrect bills. Cap markups and cut back on high waste in treatment. Require drug companies to sell at a fair rate. If they can sell it for 5c in Africa, they can do so here.

True Social Services - Scrap Welfare. Return to Workfare type programs. Bring back the CC camps of old. Require the unemployed to show up for work doing needed tasks such as grass cutting, garbage collection, public land landscaping, etc. in return for money. There are a number of pluses to this. They perform vital services. They continue to "show up for work". They appreciate it more. There's no reason any city should be going bankrupt when they have unemployed people there who could work offseting maintenance costs.

True retirement planning - Scrap Social Security. Phase it out over a decade allowing people to convert to private programs that can be customized, transfered etc like a 401k. Mandate participation, but allow choice of certified providers. Also, get the Gov to pay back the $3T they "borrowed".

True Medical Reform - Establish a Federal Hospital System with salaried doctors who sign up for 10 yr hitches in exchange for their education. Tests at cost. Everyone under $40k welcome for affordable copays, paid for through a 1% annual tax on everyone. Verification by existing services such as Medicaid.

In NY (I'm assuming this is true in other states) one needs to qualify for Medicaid and Medicare based on income level. The same ID card issued for that, can be used to verify eligibility for treatment through this Federal program. If Bill Gates shows up, he'd be treated too, but he gets the full bill...while if an unemployed mother of 3 shows up with a sick baby, she might only pay $10, or even nothing.

You can tie this into nursing and other medical practices and offer similar deals. Paid training in exchange for a 10 year hitch. ... Read More

After 10 years you can stay, or you can seek higher pay in the private sector.

This will cut costs across the board since private hospitals will no longer be forced to absorb the costs of the poor (resulting in less of a markup), and through the buying power of this system costs can drop.

A 1% tax on a person making $30k is only $300. That's a bargin for a years worth of health care. 1% on 1 Mill is $10k. Add on a 1% Federal Sales tax and you can fund the whole system.

This proposal is legal, and will pass the Constitutionallity test (since if this isn't legal it dismantles most of the Fed Gov) lol.

It needs to be funded. I think there is enough ... Read Moresurplus hospital space right now that the system can be jump started through buy outs of closed hospitals (though updating them might be too much), combining with the existing services (such as the VA), and renting the surplus space while dedicated facilities are built (adding in jobs, redevelopment and otherwise stimulating the economy)

I can't imagine why this isn't the one on the table right now. Other than, it makes sense.
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