Wednesday, March 10, 2010

National Worker ID Card Proposed for Immigration Plan

National Worker ID Card Proposed for Immigration Plan

A comprehensive immigration bill coming together in the Senate could include a requirement that all American workers obtain a national biometric identification card.
Under the proposal, all legal U.S. workers, including citizens and immigrants, would get an ID card with information such as fingerprints embedded onto it, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

Ok....let me think about this for a moment.

In order to work "on the books", you go in a and show a legal ID, a Social Security Card, and complete both a W4 tax withholding form and an I9 proof of employability form.
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This is of course to stop illegals and off the books employment.

The employer is required to keep these on file.

So....if the employer is not doing that now....what makes these idiots in office thing adding another layer of paperwork is going to change anything?

How about this.
Go to where illegals are likely to be working or seeking work, and check ID's, check permits and check paperwork. Deport the illegals, and fine the fuck out of the employers.

Where are these people? Check out the gas stations, home improvement stores and vegetable fields. Duh. There's a good start Uncle Sam.

Here's another hint. That teller at the bank, cop on patrol, or big box manager, is most likely NOT an illegal.

This isn't that hard, if you would actually, you know, ENFORCE THE FUCKING LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE YOU DUMB STONE PRICKS!!!!!!!!

Why is it that if you ask a Senator how to get from A to B, he has to take you through the Chinese alphabet by way of the Quard Dimension? What ever happened to a straight fucking line?
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