Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ron Paul Speaks Out About Lincoln And The War For Southern Independence

Ron Paul Speaks Out About Lincoln And The War For Southern Independence

Monday, April 19, 2010

More On Choice.

A person with a 42" flat screen, 500 dvds, 2 home computers, and a cell phone is not a needy person.

A person who is living on the street, scrounging in garbage cans to survive might be a needy person.

A child, living in a hut, with no food for a hundred miles, is a needy person.

A person who is unemployed, with the rent due, with the utilities at risk of shut off, with a tow truck taking their car that's 6 months behind away, may be a needy person. But if they haven't looked for work, are still focusing on getting a "job I went to school for", who won't even consider shoveling **** to get that money they need....they aren't needy. They are clueless. And they -CHOSE- to be that way.

If you live 80 years, and you don't save a single buck towards that day you work your last, you just chose to live your last days in poverty and suffering. You can make all the excuses you want, "interest rates are nothing; I can't spare the money now, etc. Bull ****. At $8 a pack the average 1/4 pack a day smoker pisses away $730 a year. That's about $30,000 over 40 years that they CHOOSE to waste. They also choose to have bad breath, stink, and run high risk for emphysema, cancer and other wonderful long term fun.

Choice. You Choose your fate. You choose your life. You choose whether you exist, or you live.

But, call me an ass hole. That's ok. Your choice.

The only person in this world who didn't choose their fate is that child born with a defect. Their parents made that choice for them. However, that child can choose to be burdened by that, or choose to reach beyond it, in many cases (not all). The pothead who chose a high today and a dud brain tomorrow, that jaywalker who chose a short cut now and a lifetime of pain from being run over, heck even that person who chose to eat McD every day because it was cheap who chose high cholesterol, obesity and a shortened life span. All those are choices.

Or, are we simple at the whim of the Fates? Pawns in a global game we are powerless to control? Is it genetics that gives us fat people, and drunks, and cancer? Are you trapped in poverty because "the man be keeping you down"? Is it really impossible for someone born into a 1 room shamble to become a millionaire before they reach 30?

I feel sorry for those who feel that way, for they choose to be trapped by their view, rather than choosing to reach beyond and go as far as one can go.

I can sit here, see my bills pile up, see my income dwindle and become depressed, perhaps so depressed that I end up on one of those wonderful drugs. Truth is some people do need them, because of real issues. That wasn't their choice, but they can choose to take the treatment and live, or reject it and exist. Most people however choose to be fenced in by their issues. Some choose not to be, choose not to let it get to them and choose to seek positive ways out of their holes.

Choice. Again. Sit in a mud puddle and complain you're in a mud puddle, or get out of the mud puddle and look for a hose to wash off with. You might never find that hose true, but you never will if you don't choose to look for it.

Choice. Again. You may be poor. You can choose to accept the help available, and survive, or not and crash hard. Another Choice, you can choose to live on that aid, or you can choose to use it as a temporary means and reach for greater things.

Choice. Again. You might be unemployed and see no jobs doing what you were last doing. You can choose to sit home and wait, or you can choose to widen your net, cast it farther and realize that you might have to take a few steps back before you can again move forward.

"**** Happens", "It is what it is", "well what can you do" are the cop out answers of people who choose to believe that they are not masters of their own fate, that their lives are out of their control.

I choose to see things differently.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's about Choice.

I want to be rich. I want to be filthy rich. I want to have a giant money bin I can swim in holding 40 sqr acres of silver dollars, just like Scrooge McDuck. And I don't want to share that wealth with the wasteful Federal Government so they can pass it out to lazy sorry losers who won't work.  I have to work, so should they. I have to obey the law, so should they.

This insistence on public housing, public aid, welfare, unemployment, food stamps, medicare, medicaid, social security,'s insane.  I'm sorry, but people need to stop being so dependent on free hand outs that others pay for.  This used to be a nation of achievers, of explorers, of independents who marched to their own drum, who tamed a continent.  Today, it's a nation of government cheese eating dependents, most of whom aren't qualified to run a lemonade stand without expecting a bail out to pay for their sugar bill.

People choose to be fat, lazy, dependent, addicted, broke, unemployed, etc.  Every negative thing in your life, you chose to have happen.  "No I didn't!"  Yes. You. Did.

You chose to be fat, by choosing to eat the wrong foods, choosing to eat the wrong amounts of foods, by choosing to not get enough exercise, by choosing to not seek the advice of trained medical experts, by choosing not to take prescribed medications, and so on.  Less than 5% of the population is "genetically disposed" to be fat, and the odds are, you aren't one of them.

You chose to be an addict. You choose to keep buying a substance you know is bad for you. You choose to smoke/shoot/drink/ingest/etc. it. You choose to not have friends. You choose to drive your family away. You. Chose. It!

You Choose to be unemployed.  You chose to work for that company that let you go. You chose to do the things you did that led to them firing you. You chose to not look outside your box for work. You chose it. Yes, some people lost their jobs through no fault of their own. But if that was 2 years ago, you made the choice to be unemployed now. If you chose CSI over pounding the pavement, if you chose to be picky about jobs, if you purposefully flubed an interview, if you chose to demand top dollar, and so on, you chose to be unemployed now.  If you chose to live in an isolated area where jobs are rare, you chose a risky life and by that choice chose to be unemployed now.

People choose to let the government take take take because they choose to submit rather than fight. They choose TV over Education. They choose to not contact their officials. They choose to allow the dogs to run unleashed.

They chose. And we get the chaos of that choice, and those not-choices.

I choose a different path.

I Love the Government.

I like the government intervention in health care. I love how they are now pointing the threat of imprisonment should I fail to pay a fine for being unable to buy their unconstitutionally mandated health plans.
I love that starting in 2014 I must start paying monthly premiums that I can't afford to a company I can't stand, so that I can wait 13-14 months for a "credit" towards it.  That is real "change" alright.

Yes, this plan works this way. You buy the plan. You pay for the plan. You pay those monthly premiums of 200, 500, 1500, or whatever they are, then, when you file your taxes you tell the nice honest folks at the IRS how much you paid, and you'll get your 'credits' back, then wait the extra 4-8 weeks for your "refund". What ever that premium is, you pay up front, and wait up to 14 months to see again.

Obviously the simple reason I don't have insurance, ie: I can't afford the bloated monthly premiums now, was a simple fact that escaped the "learned individuals in their mad dash to pass a bloated pork sandwich, rather than something that actually helps the American People.

Now if you don't have that money?  Well then you have "chosen" to not have insurance and can then pay the "penalty".  Don't have that money?  Well, then, you just "chose" to go to jail.   It's all about giving the American People Real Choice.

Mines simple.  Vote the traitors out in November. That's "Change" I can "Hope" for.

Anything the Federal Government touches, they screw up.

I love the fact that by law, a union member can physically assault a shop owner, beat the owner half to death, and yet not be fired for those actions.

I love the idea that there is "nothing the government can't do" despite the Constitution being rather strict in limiting it.

I love the idea that various Reps and Senators can't answer simple questions on bills legality, saying instead we need to pass them first to see if they are legal, or claiming to not know, or even insisting we need to violate our core principles to help some imaginary child.

The simple fact is, the party founded by Jefferson, one of the architects of our Constitution, is so far removed from those beginnings, and holds that sacred document at best in contempt, and at worst as a hindrance towards their illegal, immoral, unethical and dare I say, improper behavior.

We went from George "Its just a god damned piece of paper" Bush's fascist administration to Obama's "can't stop me now, I dare you to try" socialistic one.

Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Madison, Mr. Adams....we need you more than ever now.
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